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split sec·ond

/splɪt səˈkɑnd/


  • 1.  a brief moment in time


Split Second Productions is a professional touring theatre company founded in 2014. The vision for the company's conception was to bring amazing stories to amazing spaces, using the power of theatre to unite communities and neighbourhoods all over the country. 

Now in their fourth year, Split Second Productions have formed an exponentially growing profile on a local, national and international scale. Keen to invest in theatrical endeavours that connect new audienceS- through an innovative and contemporary style- with new theatrical experiences. Split Second Productions is firmly establishing itself as one of the most exciting theatre companies at the forefront of its craft. 

From classical theatre to new-writing, from the rural depths of Gloucestershire to the streets of fair Verona, this is a company dedicated to producing theatre at the highest quality to capture the imagination of the audiences of the world. 

Welcome to the journey!

I am more impressed than I can say by the proactiveness of this company. Astonishingly enterprising and adept.

amazing stories  amazing spaces

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